Voices of Iraq

Silenced for 24 years under Saddam’s regime and denied attention by the international media, the people of Iraq are not well understood at this tumultuous time in their history. The producers of VOICES OF IRAQ distributed over 150 digital video cameras across the entire country to enable everyday people—mothers, children, teachers, sheiks and even insurgents—to document their lives and their hopes amidst the upheaval of a nation being born. What values do Iraqis bring to the discussion of their future? What role will women play in a new Iraq? How will Islam influence government? Meet the people of Iraq as they struggle with years of turmoil and strive to build a civil society. Hear in their own words their feelings about Saddam Hussein, the multinational invasion of their country, the presence of American troops and their hopes for what may lie ahead for Iraq. Beginning amidst the Falluja uprising in April of 2004, going through the marshlands in the South, the Kurdish communities in the North and ending in September of the same year, thousands of ordinary Iraqis became filmmakers to reveal the richness, complexity and emotion of their lives.