Nothing much happens in the lives of 20-something pals Dexter and Royce except for getting high and hanging out with Royce’s girlfriend, Matilda. This all changes one wintry Northern Ontario evening when Mattie overdoses on a stash of Dexter and Royce’s drugs — drugs fronted by local drug kingpin and tough-guy Omar to sell in order to cover their previous drug debt. 

Thinking her dead and knowing that calling the cops would only land them in jail the boys decide to bury her in the boiler room of the closed drive-in theatre where Royce used to work. With the impending threat of a drug dealer in their rear view mirror, the two set off to deal with Mattie’s dead body.

While the boys begin to dig a grave downstairs, a Satanic cult lead by Abel enters the supposedly abandoned drive-in and begins a ritual involving pentagrams and human bloodletting in the upstairs concession stand. Their plan is to resurrect Jason Taylor (hippie turned reluctant but rich internet entrepreneur and Abel’s unwitting hero) out of his coma. However, when Dexter walks in mid-sacrifice, everything goes awry.

Dexter and Royce are captured, gagged and duct-taped and Mattie’s corpse is discovered. But when some of the sacrificed follower’s blood unexpectedly ‘awakens’ Matilda and all out chase ensues. Luckily, Royce and Dexter get to her first. After safely stowing Mattie in Dexter’s apartment, the boys run into Omar and his beefy sidekick Garry, who deliver a few swings of a curling stone and an ultimatum — debt (plus interest) paid by midnight or lights out. Knowing that millionaire Jason Taylor has a safe full of money at his place, Dexter and Royce take off to break in and steal it. 

With a few unexpected bumps along the way, Dexter and Royce successfully manage to score the safe and take off with it in their trunk…well, sticking OUT of their trunk. En route back to Dexter’s apartment to grab Mattie, they run into Abel. A classic car chase causes our boys to seek refuge in a mall where they encounter the fury of a three-and-a-half foot tall security guard named Martin. After winning his trust (Martin has unresolved issues with cults himself) he lets them leave without further battery. 

Meanwhile at the New Age Resource Centre, Mattie (having been kidnapped by Abel) has been tied to an upside-down cross along with an unconscious Jason Taylor. Abel’s plan is to offer Lucifer Mattie’s life in exchange for Jason’s. Just in the nick of time, Dexter and Royce arrive to try and stop the ritual and rescue Mattie. Omar shows up looking to collect his debt and he brought Gary — and his gun — with him. In hot pursuit of Abel and his cult, Martin and his (physically) diminutive friends arrive only to crash into Dex’s car, propelling the safe from the trunk into the New Age Centre…crushing Abel. 

With Abel plan’s dashed, Taylor gives Dexter and Royce the okay to hand off the safe with all of his money (remember, he’s a hippie) to clear their debt to Omar. They happily flee the scene with Mattie in tow.